Juniors : Grades 4 to 5
Seniors : Grades 6 to 8
Learn the Art of Speaking Up with Confidence, Fluency & Clarity using the Pillars of Performance Communication !
Workshop Description

Get a crash course in developing strong Speech & Communication skills using the pillars of power communication - Imagination, Articulation, Expression (Read, Write, Speak) & Presentation.

Program Outline
  • Self Discovery : Enables a child to understand his/her strengths, fears - first step towards overcoming inhibitions and speaking up.

  • Creative Thinking : Each session is designed to use variety of imagination & theatre based activities scientifically designed to trigger creative thinking.

  • Voice Basics : Children are introduced to basic voice elements and their usage - Voice Clarity & Volume.

  • Reading : Children begin by reading fun famous stories from around the world. They are trained to read effectively using different voice elements .

  • Story Retelling : Children learn the powerful method of story retelling to develop public speaking skills.

  • Creative Writing : Each child is required to understand and write short scenes that he/she may act along with peers.

  • Role Playing : Children identify their favorite character from the book and enact.

  • Final Presentation : Children will memorize,  stand and present in front of a virtual audience with confidence.

Learning Outcomes
  • Confidence : Opens up in a small group of peers, develops confidence to speak freely without any fear, musters courage to enact in short roles.

  • ​​Speaking : Learns basics of voice elements - Clarity of Speech, Usage of Volume. Learns to use these elements in reading & conversing  with peers and coach.

  • Reading : Learns to read using correct pronunciation, voice usage and expression.

  • Presentation : Develops the ability to express in verbal and visual form. Learns to stand up and perform.

  • Articulation : Learns how to comprehend and articulate his thoughts before speaking up.

  • Imagination : Gets exposed to out-of-box thinking triggering their imaginative and creative skills.

  • Memory Recall : Enables ability to recall from memory using the technique of story retelling. 

  • Academic Excellence : Enables students to apply the Story Retelling concept in understanding any concept and presenting it in a classroom set up with complete clarity and confidence.

Online Summer Workshop Schedule
4th July - 15th July
11.30 AM - 12.30 PM (IST)
(Mon - Fri)
17th July - 29th July
11.30 AM - 12.30 PM (IST)
(Mon - Fri)
Fees - INR 3000 + 18% GST
*August batch timings will be announced shortly.
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